Friday, March 7, 2008

Ajax (Martian Manhunter) Tattoo by Fernando Shimizu

As I was saying yesterday, when I'm grossly overworked and underpaid, I have to get creative to fill this (or any) blog with regularity in the sparse time remaining. That includes riffing on other blog's posts, as I'd hoped to do regarding the Tiny Titan's "Hombre Atomico" Argentine McDonald's Happy Meal card. I failed to find the Detective Marciano card of same, but upon locating another Martian Manhunter temporary tattoo (this one animated series related,) I thought, "Hey, has anyone ever cared enough to get a honest-to-god permanant tattoo of J'Onn J'Onzz?" Sure enough, I found one on an image search, inked by the Brazilian artist Fernando Shimizu at Floripa Tattoo Fest 2007 (July, to be exact.) In Brazil, the Manhunter is known simply as "Ajax," and first appeared in "Homem no Espaço nº 12, Ano 2" (Man in Space #12, Year/Vol. 2.) I don't recognize the specific image, but I'd assume Alex Ross was referenced in some way here. I'm not geek enough to go down the same road myself, but I'm mighty proud of the fellow who took this wicked sweet image upon his flesh.

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Adama said...

Dude! If I ever got a tatoo, that would be an excellent place to start!