Friday, March 14, 2008

2005 San Diego Comic-Con International "Natural Martian" Sketch by Darwyn Cooke

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Sorry. I'm working way too much. I had my best day for hits ever this week, and recently surpassed the total hits I received for my old site "Martian Manhunter: The Rock of the JLA," which was up for over two years. The thanks you get? Filler from another site and advertisements. I am not worthy.

Things you've missed if you haven't been visiting my sister-blog, ...nurgh...

  1. Cursing. Lots of cursing. It's uncouth.
  2. A review of Dwayne McDuffie's work on Martian Manhunter's former team who now hate and spit upon him, the Justice League of America (featuring Human Flame and members of the Cadre.)
  3. A review of Garth Ennis' earliest work on the Demon Etrigan, an occasional MM foe.
  4. Reviews of both the book and film versions of "Slaughterhouse-Five"
  5. A brief lament about the new Incredible Hulk trailer.
  6. A new feature called Audio Neurotic Fixation, reviewing albums track-by-track. First up: Prince's "Love Symbol"
  7. More crossovers in the future, like that review I have planned for the Ross/Dini DC tabloid editions.
  8. The only place you'll be getting heavy text from me tonight, as I'm tired and out of pre-packed material for the week. Tomorrow night, we'll do 50's day...


Adama said...

My hits have gone way up over the past few days as well. I'm kind of at a loss, since GA didn't even have a speaking role in New Frontier...

Diabolu Frank said...

Maybe its just blogger fatigue. Netzer, Damian, and Luke haven't updated in a while, and perhaps others are falling off due to the holiday. Maybe we're just benefitting from daily updates in the face of workplace boredom and dwindling options?