Friday, September 19, 2008

Baltaz's Council

The ruling council of the buried city of Baltaz. As depicted, the council consists of five male elders. As with most individuals shown, the members of the council of Baltaz have light blue skin and white hair. Only one citizen, murdered by the Martian N'or Cott, was given the variant hair coloring of reddish-blond.

The council abide by traditional laws passed down since at least the founding of the city, as inscribed on the Tablet of Tal, and keep faith in the "Old One" who protects the city. The council supports no army or defense industry, and is characterized as being peaceful and highly civilized. "We have never wasted our wealth on weapons... but use it for our people! Their city appears clean, advanced, and generally well managed. There are ample roadways for motorized vehicles, sidewalks, and towering structures.

See Also: Baltaz, Crystal Mountain, World's Finest Comics #245 (1977)

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