Thursday, September 18, 2008

Universo DC: Detective Marciano Nº 01 & 02

It's funny-- I'd seen the covers to these two comics many times on the net, especially lately, but never made the connection that these were the only two "Detective Marciano" editions I tended to spot. You see, the Spanish know how to show the Manhunter from Mars love, so they took the unusual (even for them) step of collecting the entire Ostrander/Mandrake series into two "omnibus" style editions for just 19,95 € ($30 American.) I want one of these, but at 464 pages each, the international shipping weight alone would kill me. Volume One covers Martian Manhunter #0, 1-17, & 1,000,000. Volume two contains Martian Manhunter #18-36. According to my calculations, there's still some pages unaccounted for, so maybe they got the two annuals in there as well. From what I understand, the books were praised by critics and fans alike. Eh, Jerry Lewis is a genius in France and David Hasselhoff is huge in Germany, so whatever. On the other hand, the Spanish also recognized the genius of "Secretos Americanos" and collected that in a trade paperback, unlike us stupid Americans who let the individual issues sit in discount bins.

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Unknown said...

Every moth in Spain & Italy (Planeta DeAgostini) is a tematic character moth. This moth is the FANTOM STRANGER.

In Janary of 2008 was the MARTIAN MANHUNTER MOTH. And publishing EVERY martian material.

For the DEAD of MARTIAN MANHUNTER is planing the rest if material, including the SHOWCASE PRESENTS.