Monday, September 15, 2008

Crystal Mountain (Baltaz)

According to the Tablet of Tal, a sacred artifact of the underground city of Baltaz, the Old One is their people's ancient protector. "He lives in the Crystal Mountain-- above ground-- and has protected Baltaz since its founding." The Old One controlled a gyrometer that could destroy Baltaz via underground shock waves when activated. This aspect was unknown in modern Baltaz, as its people no longer had knowledge of the ancient alphabet the tablet was drafted in. It is also unknown if the Old One had truly lived since the founding of Baltaz, but such a being was present during an invasion attempt made by Martian forces. "It is my sacred duty... to fulfill the ancient law of the Tal Tablet! Then I, too, can die... unconquered, like the innocent city!"

The Old One was protected in his home within Crystal Mountain by a blinding glare that reflected off its slopes, and the crystal's ability to regenerate itself nearly instantaneously. In order to prevent the activation of the gyrometer, Superman flew through Crystal Mountain, shattering it and the mechanism within. The Old One was found in the rubble, but it is unknown whether he survived the devastation. However, the Martian invasion was successfully routed by other agents.

See Also: Baltaz, Baltaz's Council, World's Finest Comics #245 (1977)


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