Friday, October 31, 2008

2006 Justice League Power Dip

Whenever I hit the dollar store, I see a variety of Justice League candies featuring the same few stock images, some including the Martian Manhunter. I've decided against bothering with featuring those here, since there is really very little variety, nor focus on J'onn J'onzz. It seems to me all the love goes to Superman, Batman, Flash and occasionally Wonder Woman. This here is an exception, with a more distinctive look and extras.

Inside the package was a small grape lollipop covered with Kool-Aid mix that lined the bottom of the packet. The pop was purple, elliptical, and had only the vaguest impression of a "JL" logo. It wasn't too sweet-- pretty tasty, and not all that bad for me at just 51 combined calories (Candy Pop and Candy Powder listed separately in the "Nutritional Fact.") They're just sugar, corn starch, citric acid and food dye. A tad concerned about the "MADE IN CHINA," though. So much for "...of America."

Also inside, in its own clear plastic envelope, was a small sticker with a different group shot. Pretty nifty. So here's your virtual Halloween candy, trick or treaters!

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Bookgal said...

I've actually eaten this stuff myself. LOL