Monday, October 13, 2008

Roh Kar, First Lawman of Mars

Alter Ego: Roh Kar
Other Aliases: Martian Manhunter, the Manhunter from Mars
Occupation: Lawman of Mars
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Mars
First Appearance: BATMAN #78 (Aug.-Sep. 1953)
Height: Approx. 5'10"
Build: Slight
Hair: None

On peaceful Mars, a scientific civilization with almost no crime, Roh Kar assumed the role of "First Lawman of Mars." Using televisoscopes, Martians studied Earth language and culture, while Roh Kar was specifically interested in crime busters like Batman. One day, the distorted genius Quork began a crime spree that drew Roh Kar's pursuit across their desert world, to the southern canal cities. Having reached the Space Research Center, Quork escaped Mars in a secret experimental space ship. Roh Kar was forced to wait until another craft could be constructed, but deduced that Quork would travel to Earth due to its similar atmosphere.

Once Roh Kar reached Earth, his detection instruments led him to Quork's abandoned ship, where he was detained by Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo had been following a fantastic criminal of their own, known only as the Stranger, and deduced he and Quork were one in the same. Roh Kar was honored by the opportunity to join the great Batman on a case, but requested the involvement of Martians be kept secret to protect his civilization.

The trio traced Quork to the Gotham City Science Hall, where Quork attacked them and took Robin hostage. Using Martian science and Earth knowledge, Roh Kar and Batman were able to locate Quork, free Robin, and take the outlaw into custody. When last seen, Roh Kar swore he would return Quork to moon prison, then towed him and his ship off the Earth.

Powers & Weapons:
Roh Kar displayed no super powers typical of natural Martians, but had a variety of gadgets at his disposal which produced similar results. These included a "human compass," which allowed Roh Kar to track people by their brain waves; a detectophone device, which broadcast sound to a listening device; a personal jet-flight unit; and a pistol.

The air on Mars is much thinner than that on Earth, which caused Roh Kar to experience oxygen intoxication here if he inhaled too deeply.

Distinguishing Features: Roh Kar had green skin and two small nubs of undisclosed purpose at the top of his head.

Quote: "He must be caught before he uses Martian science to commit crime on Earth!"

Created by: Edmond Hamilton & Lew Schwartz

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