Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Alien Arsenal

A museum of ancient weapons from the planet Vonn.

According to writing found on a tablet within the arsenal, the native people of the planet Vonn saw their world invaded by the Thythen. In order to escape, the race developed the ability to "broadcast" matter like radio waves, and sent their entire culture, "cities and all-- to a distant solar system." The Alien Arsenal was part of this move, but was caught in a space-warp that saw it intermittently materialize on the Utah Salt Lake of Earth before returning to Vonn.

At some point thereafter, the huge framework was discovered by J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter from Mars, who had traced the remnants of his exiled people to Vonn. Spotted by the Thythen, who had enslaved the other Martians, J'onzz sought refuge in the Alien Arsenal just as it was dematerializing. While in transit from Vonn to Earth, J'onzz translated a tablet he'd uncovered that revealed the history of the arsenal. J'onzz also found mostly incomprehensible native weapons within the arsenal he'd hoped to use against the Thythen.

Meanwhile, the reporter Clark Kent was assigned to investigate the appearances of the arsenal at the Utah Salt Lake. After several attempts, Kent finally managed to enter the arsenal in his guise as the Man of Steel. Superman fought with a delusional Martian Manhunter, until a violent tremor shook the pair apart. The heroes discovered that the few weapons in the arsenal Martian Manhunter had figured out how to operate were wrecked in their struggle.

The pair teamed up to confront the Thythen on Vonn, although Superman had lost the majority of his powers due to the planet's red sun. Most of the Thythen who remained on planet were killed, and the Martians freed, but Superman was believed lost in the conflict. Instead, Superman found himself pursued by a remaining Thythen, and sought refuge within the weapon museum. Both parties were spirited away from Vonn, and as the Man of Steel's strength was restored by the light of a yellow sun, his reproaching of the Thythen smashed the museum. "It'll go nowhere-- not in that condition!"

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