Monday, May 10, 2010

Teen Titans #41 (January 2007)

Bombshell blasted the resurrected Joseph "Jericho" Wilson, prompting his attempt to possess her body. Immune to his power, Bombshell could still only watch as he leapt into the recovering Wonder Girl's frame.

Outside the church, the quantum soldiers took Cyborg's robotic eye apart to weaponize it against Jericho. When Robin appeared to slip his bonds, a soldier followed orders to shoot him in the head. The Boy Wonder's skull splattered, yet a voice from the decapitated torso chastised "You should really be more careful. You could have hurt someone." Robin's "corpse" reformed into Miss Martian, who swung at the troopers with her tentacled arms. Telepathically, she ordered, "Robin! Time to wake up! Come on sleepyhead!" While Robin was released from his bonds, Miss Martian singed soldiers with her Laser Vision. "This is fun!"

All relevant parties took to battle outside. Kid Devil was pleased that M'Gann wasn't really a traitorous White Martian, but was only half right. "Actually... that's a long story." Cyborg thanked Miss Martian for keeping his eye safe until he could reboot, but Bombshell was already amping up for a major counterattack. Robin figured she needed to be taken out fast, prompting Miss Martian's suggestion, "Then perhaps it's time for the rally cry? TITANS TOGETHER!"

Striking Bombshell with her Laser Vision, Miss Martian had time for a compliment.
"I really like your cloak, Raven!"
"Can you turn down the cheeriness? It's a little bright for me."

Jericho thought "the Green Girl" smiled like a Barbie doll, but came to like her after she called Bombshell's bluff about a nuclear meltdown resulting should her skin be ruptured. "I just read her mind. She's totally lying. Does metal do the same things on Earth as it does on Mars? ...You get it really hot. Get it really cold. It breaks like glass." Kid Devil served one end of the spectrum, Raven the other, and Ravager chipped away at the resulting cracks in Bombshell's armored skin.

Representatives of the Department of Metahuman Affairs, a subdivision of the DEO, arrived to arrest Amy Allen and her troops, part of a rogue black ops unit gone mercenary. While Sarge Steel and Diana Prince spoke with the Titans, Cyborg and Kid Devil made it clear that Miss Martian belonged with their team. Plans were made to telepathically interrogate Bombshell, while her employer, Deathstroke the Terminator, looked on.

"Titans Around The World: Part 4" by Geoff Johns, Paco Dias, Ryan Benjamin, Jonathan Glapoin, Michael Lopez, Edwin Rosell, Saleem Crawford & Vincente Cifuentes.


LissBirds said...

Martian tentacles are just too creepy on Miss Martian. Or maybe that's what they were going for. Considering that there's talking decapitated torsos of "Robin" running around, the tentacles probably wouldn't have been what had bothered me the most...

Diabolu Frank said...

Yeah, I figure that's the differentiation between M'Gann and Supergirl-- Miss Martian's sunniness masks teh homicidal crazee.

will_in_chicago said...

Considering the history of White Martians, M'gann is perhaps a few steps away from typical members of her kind. It does give her something to struggle with, unlike Supergirl.