Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2004 "For Robert!" Convention Sketch by Darwyn Cooke

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  1. I finally picked up my copy of the 2010 DC Kids sampler comic featuring Martian Manhunter, after the urging of everyone, even the story's writer. Overall, I liked it, and will try to cover it tomorrow.
  2.  I'm going to give "Summer of Saturn" another shot this year, and have tried to buy every noteworthy Jemm appearance. If you were wondering if the Son of Saturn's weak guest-spot in the World of New Krypton maxi-series was ever going to pay off, buy this week's Adventure Comics #11 like I did. Suddenly, it all had a point, just not a proper home.
  3. Speaking of new comics, mourners or those unafraid of spoilers can click here.
  4. "OREO." Not "Choco." O.R.E.O. Remind me to take pictures of my new Heroclix, btw.
  5. Schooool's out. for. summer! Hopefully, there will be less filler material as a result...


LissBirds said...

"after the urging of everyone, even the story's writer." Really?

Now I'm tempted to read Jemm's WoNK appearances. I only bought 11 and 12 because Adam Strange was in those...I haven't really delved into Superman comics yet but I might do it for Jemm.

Oreo? No more Choco? No Hydrox? That makes me quite happy. During the next Crisis, can they retcon Choco out of existence and make me even happier?

Diabolu Frank said...

I'm fighting sleep and have no post. Sigh. I doubt I'll cover B:TB&TB tonight.

Jemm in on the last page of #9 and a good chunk of #10, but you wouldn't miss anything by skipping.