Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Top 10 Mongul Covers

I think we can safely call Mongul a Green Lantern Corps villain these days, although he'll always have a home in the Superman books. I'm still waiting for his debut battle with the Manhunter from Mars to play out someday. I have hope though, since Peter Tomasi is currently overseeing both Mongul and Martian Manhunter in separate books, and they're both favorite characters of his...

10) The Flash #102 (June, 1995)

9) Showcase '95 #7 (August, 1995)

8) Green Lantern Corps #26 (September, 2008)

7) Green Lantern Corps #20 (March, 2008)

6) JLA: Destiny #3 (August, 2002)

5) DC Comics Presents #27 (November, 1980)

4) Green Lantern Corps #24 (July, 2008)

3) DC Comics Presents #43 (March, 1982)

2) DC Comics Presents #28 (December, 1980)

1) Superman Annual #11 (1985)


Anonymous said...

In your last post, you showed the Malefic covers. Two of those covers are the JLA classified series. In the JLA Classified Series there were 5 comics called "Ghost of Mars". Have you read them yet? I am waiting to read them until I have them all. I have the first four but not the last one yet(the last ones cover is where malefic's head is in the center of martian manhunters stomach) If you have read them are they any good?

Diabolu Frank said...

I read the first couple of chapters in preparation for Malefic coverage I was planning to do. I stopped there because I realized that nothing in the story would be relevant to what I was doing until after I'd looked at "In My Life" and the main Malefic arc in Martian Manhunter. What I read was alright, and a lot of folks seemed to really dig the story as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the a new martian manhunter series is in the works? It depends on the sales of Brightest Day. This is what IGN recetly had on their site. Do you think their is any chance Malefic would be in it? Or do you think they would put the lame human flame in it?

Diabolu Frank said...

There's little chance of the sales on Brightest Day taking a major dip, but there's at least five probable series launching out of this thing come next year. Given Peter Tomasi's professed love for the Martian Manhunter, should BD play as a prelude to his writing an ongoing (possibly reuniting with Pat Gleason on art,) I think there's a better chance for Malefic returning than the Human Flame. I suspect neither would be as much a going concern as introducing new villains or revisiting more popular foes, though. Also, this assumes that there would be a series forthcoming, and that it wouldn't end up with an entirely different and potentially catastrophic creative team.

Tom said...

The FINAL CRISIS: REQUIEM one-shot was okay. One could tell the writer had genuine affection for MM. Tomasi wouldn't be the worst writer for a new MM title.

Diabolu Frank said...

Some of Tomasi's earliest DC scripting was on Martian Manhunter short stories in Showcase.

Tom said...

Yeah, I read both of 'em. Meh.

Diabolu Frank said...

The one with the eyeball collecting cop makes me fearful, since Brightest Day seems a more polished version of that moronic and vicious tale. I liked the Titanic one though.