Sunday, May 23, 2010

DC Comics 75th Anniversary Martian Manhunter Variant Cover Suggestions

Last year, Brian Cronin at CBR's Comics Should Be Good came up with his list of The Most Iconic Covers for thirty different characters. Some I felt were stronger than others, and I took enough exception to his list for the Martian Manhunter that I compiled an extension. Meanwhile, DC is revving up for a year's worth of 75th Anniversary variant covers, which I commented on at length at my new Wonder Woman blog. However, it wasn't until Anj at Supergirl Comic Box Commentary offered his choices for a potential Supergirl 75th Anniversary Variant Cover that it occurred to me I'd like to throw my hat into the ring.

Mike Allred Now, because we already did a big "iconic covers" post, my focus here will be narrow and on covers that are either very fondly remembered or otherwise significant enough to warrant being recreated. I'm also going to throw out the really obvious stuff (The Brave and The Bold #28, Justice League of America #1, Justice League America/International #1.) I'll also try to skew toward covers that could be improved through re-visitation, which isn't really possible when you're following Bolland, Simonson, Porter, etc...

Justice League of America #71... John Bolton

Justice League America #56... Jo Chen

DC Comics Presents #27... Jose Ladrönn

Martian Manhunter (1988) #1... Ethan Van Sciver

Justice League of America #248... John Cassaday

JLA #1... Neal Adams

The Brave and the Bold #50... Dave Johnson

Justice League America #39... Dale Keown

The Brave and The Bold #56... Brian Bolland

World's Finest Comics #212... Doug Mahnke

Detective Comics #306... Kevin O'Neill...

Further Suggestions Are Welcome...


mathematicscore said...

Great suggestions all. I've always been partial to the cover of MM Vol 3 #31. I can't really think of an artist better suited to it, but that to me is an overlooked favorite. Though as I recall, that scene doesn't really occur in the actual issue, so... lamers, ya know?

On a tangent, while I'd ideally want a Mahnke or Gleason drawn regular series with high action, a quirky reworking of the Idol-Head era by Mike Allred would be nothing short of sublime.

LissBirds said...

I think DC should totally go out on a limb and just reprint the actual old covers. That would turn some heads, and would, I think, be more celebratory of their history.

Tom said...

Who would you want to draw the cover of Detective Comics #306?

Diabolu Frank said...

Tom, I edited the answer to your question into the post.

Liss, I'm not feeling the direct reprints. Those images already exist, for anyone who wants to see them. I find these reinterpretations much more exciting, especially when they shine up tarnished originals, or go really far askew in rethinking classics.

M.C., I've never been much a fan of Mandrake's covers on anything. I love his interiors on the right project, but he's never been great at cold images that grab you. There was a lot of repetition on his Martian Manhunter covers, so while I'm cool on #31, I can see the appeal of an intricate action shot with real movement and daring perspective after three years of flat/stillness.

I'd also dig a return from Mahnke, and I'm enjoying Gleason currently. However, I'm getting a bit bored with the bulky, brutish look J'Onn's been carrying for a long while now. I liked that polished, heroic ideal we saw in Ivan Reis' recent images, and I've always wanted to see someone softer like Jeff Johnson get an extended turn.