Friday, May 28, 2010

The Top 5 Bloodwynd Covers

5) Fate #5 (March, 1995)

4) Justice League America #70 (January, 1993)

3) Justice League America #69 (December, 1992)

2) Justice League America #74 (May, 1993)

1) Justice League America #88 (May, 1994)


Anj said...

Just wanted to pass along that I have nominated this blog for a Kreativ Blogger award!

More information about the award and why I chose you are over on my blog today.

I think this blog is great and have loved these cover-theme posts a lot!

Anj at Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

will_in_chicago said...

Great job, Frank!!

By the way, here is something that you might not have seen from the world of role playing games. A company called Green Ronin has the license for The DC Adventures Hero's Handbook, a new role playing game. Take a look at the cover if the upcoming release here: tp://

Diabolu Frank said...

Thanks Will! I'll likely pick that up. I have a bunch of Mayfair stuff, and the first West End Games box set.