Monday, May 31, 2010

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

I'm a big fan of Anj's Supergirl Comic Box Commentary, and the feeling is mutual, which is why he nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. This is one of those sort of pat-on-the-back/chain letter sort of thing I've grumbled about in the past on other blogs, but when combined with Anj's kind words, how could I resist?

One thing that I appreciate about the blogosphere is that fans passionate about their favorite characters have a venue to ...well ... be passionate. One of my absolute favorite sites is the Idol Head, a tremendous site for anything about the Martian Manhunter by Frank Diabolu. Informative about all the eras of J'onn J'onzz as well as looking ahead, this blog is everything that I strive to be about Supergirl. It is organized and spiffy in ways that make me jealous.

The first rule of K-Klub, is to promote it with its jpeg. The second rule is to link to the person who nominated you. The third is to thank them, being Anj, who I thank. The fourth rule is to nominate seven other bloggers for the award, with links. The sixth is to send me $10 American, $135 Mexican. The seventh is to punch Anj in the ear as hard as you can leave those blogs a comment to let them know you care. I don't always color with the lines, though. I'm going to avoid the obvious choices, since I pretty consistently link to brethren blogs like Firestorm Fan, Being Carter Hall, Comics Make Me Happy!, and The Aquaman Shrine anyway. Since I assume there's no tag backs, I have to bypass Anj and nominate...

Marvel Genesis
At which Don Alsafi offers a chronological review of each comic of the "Marvel Age," which for our purposes begins with Fantastic Four #1. I love that this guy is trying to take the historical perspective here, commenting on the slow, organic progression of Marvel Comics from the primordial goop of Marty Goodman's shell game publishing empire.

Every Day Is Like Wednesday
J. Caleb Mozzocco is my favorite comic book reviewer, plus he offers strong industry commentary and the occasional cute comic strip.

Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!
I only rediscovered this blog recently, but I consistently enjoy Snell's humorous assault on the rampant stupidity of modern Big Two comics.

Armagideon Time
I enjoy Andrew Weiss' writing on most subjects (aside from '80s console games,) but I especially enjoy his weekly "Nobody's Favorite" underwhelming super-hero spotlight.

Rob Kelly Illustration
Rob's got so blamed many blogs, its easy for some to get lost in the shuffle. This is the home of all his commercial and personal art projects, and they're too fine to pass up.

The Factual Opinion
I miss their political coverage, but they still have the snarkiest comic book, TV, and movie reviews around. I very sharp blog.

Sanctum Sanctorum Comix
It's a Dr. Strange blog. If that alone isn't enough to pique your interest, you need to read more Dr. Strange comics. Except that JMS crap. Or anything by Bendis. You should know this already.

In further mutual appreciation society news, Michael Netzer took a break from drawing really boss material for Dynamite's Green Hornet comics to throw a little love at Martian Manhunter’s Favorite Blog...

I know that all this isn’t enough to make Idol-Heal a favorite Martian Manhunter blog. It only adds a touch of appreciation to all of the other marvelous content there. Frank-Lee Delano doesn’t miss a beat and is dedicated to this site as if it was was a primary bread and butter enterprise. So do visit and have an updated look of what’s new with the resurrected Martian Manhunter. The darkest days appear to be behind the DC Universe of late, and old favorites are shining in brightest day again, as is the Idol-Head of Diabolu. Seems like a good sign for aficionados of illuminated environs.

Netzer also offers up another neat vintage convenition sketch from a unique perspective, which I'll totally have to steal once its been up long enough I won't step on anyone's traffic!


rob! said...

Thanks Frank!

LissBirds said...

I thought the first rule of K-Klub was not to talk about K-Klub?

I LOVE Caleb's cartoons. He needs to do more.

You're the second person to mention Snell's blog, so now I really need to go check it out. Thanks for the mention, as well!

Michael Netzer said...

Back in economics 101, in the mid-70s, it was taught that helping the competition is a sound and beneficial business strategy because it increases the overall market.

In that spirit, you're always welcome to post images from my site even immediately when I post them.

And thanks again for the very nice words! I always have this blog in mind when posting about JJ, who is getting a new sketch, coming soon, for Facebook Comic Con.

Diabolu Frank said...

Thanks! I like the long tail though. Let the hits slow down, then promote a resurgence! Plus, there's always some reader who'd miss it if all the posts of the same subject went up at once.

Definitely looking forward to the debut of Michael Netzer's post-Blackest Night J'Onn J'Onzz...