Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Weird War of Gilgana: Quarter the Second!

The Color-Ring Creature tried to encircle Iwangis and suck it right off Gilgana, but the canary-colored critter's thick muscles bulged until the ring burst, setting off a chain reaction that left the "spirit" in not-so-great shape. Meanwhile, an horrific shriek let out as the mighty Aroo's flamethrower antennae ignited the turban of the Giant Genie of Gensu, which traveled down his bridge cable mustache. Aroo had shown the genie who his true master was, and as he flew past the towering burning man, he intended to teach the same lesson to the so-called "Creature King..."

The hypnotizing tune of The Orchestra of Doom made Diabolu's Creature their own, and they sent it forth across the pink sands of this alien world. Scampering over the skewered Cobra-Beast, the next obstacle was the equally terrifying, monolithic Horn Firing Creature of Gilgana...

Like a match in a teacup, the Fireball-Creature was extinguished with aplomb by the Giant Watery Hand of Gilgana. Its wave carried forward toward the shoreline, where a Glowing Menace similarly grew dim, dried up, and blew away under a shadow of doom projected from The Chulko. The pink colossus turned slightly as it heard a sinister tide washing towards it...

From out of some impossible creature form, “Driftwood” Dagan was relieved to reemerge first as himself, and then as a mindless gigantic version of the same at the sickly touch of The Giant-Maker. No more would he struggle against his atavistic urges, but now he lumbered toward the painters behind The Evil Mystic Brushes. Each time they crafted a new incredible monster, the touch of The Venomee would turn it into something mundane and nonthreatening. Three threats enter one another's sphere-- which will triumph?


will_in_chicago said...

Tough choices, so I will be glad to see who wins.

Diabolu Frank said...

Beasts of Burden-- to Mankind!
Aroo 1 vote / Iwangis 4 votes

Dig that horn section, daddy-o!
The Orchestra of Doom 3 votes / The Horn Firing Creature 2 votes

The Doom Dampness!
The Chulko 4 votes / The Giant Watery Hand of Gilgana 1 vote

Match-Maker, make me a Match!
The Venomee 3 votes / The Giant-Maker 0 votes / The Evil Mystic Brushes 2 votes