Monday, March 24, 2014

The Weird War of Gilgana!

Following the destruction of the Idol-Head of Diabolu, all of the beasts once under the spell of the ancient wizard now reside in the weird other-dimensional world of Gilgana. Regardless of the breath of this nether place, there was a certain inevitability to their congregation for colossal conflict.

"The Great Color-Ring Spirit" originated in another domain entirely, but would be fine with dominating this sphere. Its first ring to detach was yellow, and so it was drawn toward the towering form of Iwangis. The Creature King was no trifling thing though, and who knows what sort of eruption could come of this combination?

The Color Ring wasn't the only menace haunting the skies. Aroo buzzed past on some unknown mission, its orange fur not attracting attention so far. However, the Genie of Gensu seemed disturbed by this invasion of his skies, and streaked toward fresh prey...

The Orchestra of Doom hovered much lower, beneath their immediate notice, but encircling Diabolu's Creature. Could their music tame such a savage breast?

Perhaps defending its natural territory, the Horn Firing Creature of Gilgana targeted the Cobra-Beast as it half-crawled/half-slithered across the pink sands of its native world...

Further out, across the water, the Fireball-Creature blazed over a sea that seemed discontent with merely reflecting its light. A Giant Watery Hand of Gilgana reached out to quash its thirst for immolation...

That Glowing Menace was another sight to behold, hurtling across the beach, with its own insatiable appetite. Bounding along the shore was the Chulko, its doom shadow converting the sand to stone. Might this offering be unpalatable?

A few deranged souls had been drawn into a portal to this inhospitable place, and one, and artist, found much inspiration in its alien landscapes. With Evil Mystic Brushes, she though a portrait incorporating those Venomee in the distance might be suited to her sick amusements...

Another lost soul was “Driftwood” Dagan, seeking pieces of jade throughout this weird environment. While the Man-Thing That Unearthed Secrets continued its unenviable task, the Giant-Maker lingered, perhaps intent on giving Dagan a new task seated in madness?


LissBirds said...

My favorite part of Idol-Head March Madness is always the puns.

I had completely forgotten about the Horn Firing Creature...I always thought that was kind of clever, in a non-sensical way. And the could I forget about those? I have some re-reading to do one of these days.

I hope the Great Color Ring Spirit wins this year. I always had a soft spot for the evil space Cheerios.

Diabolu Frank said...

Some of those puns are really painful/obtuse, so I'm glad someone sees the benefit in my pathology.

Lowest voter turnout ever so far, but even still, the Color Ring Creature doesn't look like it'll even make it past the first round.

Diabolu Frank said...

"The Creature King" or "The Great Color-Ring Spirit":
Iwangis 3 votes / The Color-Ring Creature 1 vote

"The Mighty" or "The Giant":
Aroo 3 votes / Genie of Gensu 1 vote

"The Musical Creatures" against Ancient Babylonia
The Orchestra of Doom 3 votes / Diabolu's Creature 1 vote

Bite Gilgana? I barely rhino her!
The Horn Firing Creature 3 votes / The Cobra-Beast 1 vote

It's Elemental!
The Fireball-Creature 1 vote / The Giant Watery Hand of Gilgana 3 votes

All-Consuming Dooming!
The Chulko 4 votes / That Glowing Menace 0 votes

Purple Painting!
The Venomee 2 votes / The Evil Mystic Brushes 2 votes

Make Me, Man!
The Giant-Maker 4 votes / The Man-Thing That Unearthed Secrets 0 votes