Thursday, September 6, 2018

Justice League Task Force #19 (January, 1995)

The gunman had deduced that Gypsy's powers were organic in nature, and realized that he could "see" through her apparent invisibility using technology like a handheld video camera. Gypsy had been shot in the shoulder, and left a trail of blood across stalls as she tried to evade her assailant.

L-Ron-D could see the explosion from Savage's Crystal Palace and alerted Martian Manhunter, who flew off to investigate. Despero was sent to find Gypsy, as J'Onn deduced that his entire team was under attack. Despero barged into the ladies room, creating a kink in Gypsy's plan of counterattack. Gypsy kicked her attacker in the head, but the gunman used a specialized flash bomb to blind her and "crash" L-Ron.

The Ray and Triumph contained the explosion, so no one was hurt. Leather clad foes riding hovercrafts bearing a red hourglass symbol arrived. Triumph had a plan to lure these aggressors back to the Crystal Palace to force a confrontation with Vandal Savage to prove once and for all whether he was a mastermind or a tuna sandwich. Triumph's powers briefly faltered, but Ray continued the plan without him, and havoc was wrecked at Savage's base. Worse, the intruders forced the base into a lock-down and power-up, trapping everyone inside as the palace began a self-destruct sequence. Gypsy pursued the mole gunman through a secret passageway to the sewers to confront him. However, Vandal Savage also made his way down, and snapped the neck of the gunman, shouting "Death to all traitors!" However, the gunman was the one who initiated the self-destruct and was the only person who could reverse it. Ray & Triumph exclaimed in unison, "Tuna Sandwich."

Meanwhile, the Detective Martian used the boys' mishaps as cover to dig around in Vandal Savage's offices, locating a secret lab filled with tanks of dismembered humans held in captivity as Savage's unwilling organ farm. The Sleuth from Outer Space used resources to track down an African-American woman named Watkins at her son Billy's little league game. Watkins and her son were both born with a greater strain of the x-factor that gave their immortal ancestor his special abilities. Watkins had amassed a great fortune, hiring and arming mercenaries to strike at Savage before she or her child could eventually be harvested...

"Savage Legacy · Part III: Inquisition" was by Mark Waid & Christopher Priest, Sal Velluto & Mark McKenna.

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