Monday, September 24, 2018

2016 Monty Moran Space City Comic Con Commission by Thom Zahler

Another groovy piece by Zahler, and I believe this was the last full size & full color I've gotten from him, at the infamous final Space City Comic Con before it was shut down by mismanagement. This is definitely my girlfriends' favorite of his, and probably mine as well. Besides capturing the Kentucky Fried goodness of the first actual Martian Manhunter villain to appear in Justice League of America, Zahler also conveys who The Getaway Mastermind is through the detailed "blackboard" of handwritten-cursive-annotated schematics where he's designed another of his hi-tech escape vehicles! The scan doesn't do justice to the skin color and other tones om the main figure, but as you can see, this is a lovely and intricate bit of work! I dialed way back on my Manhunter commissions because, as you can see, it's taking me 2-4 years to post pieces nowadays, and Zahler's sunny style hasn't matched the darker material I've been getting done more recently, but I definitely need to hit him up again!

Thom Zahler

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