Saturday, September 15, 2007

2005 DC Direct Martian Manhunter Statue (Alex Ross)

I believe this limited-edition, hand-painted cold-cast statue was released sometime in 2005, based on a design by Alex Ross and sculpted by Mike Hill. It stands approximately 12" tall x 9.25" wide x 7" deep, includes a rather tacky Martian skull at the base, and was limited to 1,200 figures. This came out in the time period when my will to collect all things Martian Manhunter-related had been burned out along with my old website. It doesn't help that, with occasional exceptions like that new t-shirt, I kinda hate Ross' take on the character sometimes. His proportions here are closer to the medium build Bronze Age incarnation, with a sort of Sal Velluto stiff/awkwardness, and a prune-face that reminds me of Stuart Immonen's 30th century J'Onzz from "Legion of Super-Heroes." Basically, he brings out some of Ross' worst inclinations here toward the dour, haggard, and demystifying "realism," though his slight costume is spared the "seams n' wrinkles" treatment. For the same reason, I've avoided his Marvel life-sized busts, despite my love of Captain America (although I ordered a case of the Spider-Man one, but I closed the comic shop before they were released.) That constipated expression on his face makes me ponder the question, "is he flying away from piles of rock, or fanning the stench of rocky piles?" Why no, I didn't feel the slightest urge to kick out the $195 for this thing, but I held the new 13" doll at Bedrock City this afternoon, and I definitely twitched then.

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