Thursday, September 20, 2007

Martian Manhunter Paperweight

I'm super busy tonight and will head straight to a Bloc Party concert from work tomorrow night, so this one will be brief followed in an hour by a great J'Onn J'Onzz guest appearance I promised last week. I don't own this one, although it's inexpensive (MSRP:$12.99) and looks pretty nice. I don't have a great deal of affection for the animated "Zhon Zhowns," because I've only seen a handful of first season episodes of "Justice League." Those failed to impress, and the Manhunter from Mars barely appeared in the vastly superior first season of "Justice League Unlimited." Also, I already own way too much MM Merch. So anyway, keen, so if if you dig it more it's readily available. I'm still tempted to pick up the Atom one though, as I really dig Ray Palmer, and the scale kind of works for him...

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