Friday, September 7, 2007

The Quotable Martian...

Back in the day, when I found a great line of dialogue that really wasn't necessary in a story synopsis, I'd group them in sorta kinda sequential order and post them in a section devoted to J'Onn's pearls of wisdom. Since the last-- well, pretty much all-- of the previous posts have run long, I figured a stopgap shorty was in order (though no longer presented that way...

Policeman: "But how do you know the suspect has a scar on his wrist--and a laundry mark in his clothes that gives him away? You've never seen him before and you've only been on the force 24 hours!"
John Jones: "It's just that I know! I can tell you no more!"-Detective Comics #225, Martian Manhunter's first written words.

"No--you're not going to be safe here...You're going to be safe behind bars!"-Detective Comics #226

"We are wrapped in an enigma, all of us. I suggest we unravel the mystery, and quickly, before it strangles us..."-JLofA #200

"You'll have to excuse me for a moment... I need to find a quiet room in which to practice an ancient Martian meditation technique... It's called screaming."-JLI #8

"Still, I wish there was some other way we could have stopped [the Khunds] without taking so many lives...Where's the pride in war, Sir? Where's the pride in wholesale slaughter?-JLI #22

"We did not get involved in this line of work for fame, fortune, and ego-inflation."-JLQ #1

"You would do well to look into those minds you control--and study the information they contain about me! My strength is second to none. I have the ability to change my shape at will! To become invisible! To read minds! I'm not just another costumed human--I'm the Martian Manhunter!"-JLI Annual #1

"...Enough..."-Quoted from too many comics to list.

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