Friday, December 25, 2009

2006 Despero New York Comic Con Sketch by Chris Batista

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Him and his gf were very nice even though I was pretty much hounding him all day Sunday for a sketch... I eventually asked for either Zatanna or Despero due to his recent run on JLA: Crisis of Conscience arc. He said he had already done way too many Zatanna's throughout that show.
-Steve Lee


LissBirds said...

He looks like he means business. I had to lol at the Zatanna comment.

Which look do you prefer for Despero, Frank, this one (mohawk fin), or the Silver Age sideways-fin look?

Diabolu Frank said...

I like my characters to be unique, and the sideways fin is that. On the other hand, it makes Despero look like a dork, even in the hybrid version from those Brave and the Bold cartoon clips. Plus, even though the Savage Dragon is better known, he totally ripped off the mohawk, and backing off the trademark means the plagiarist wins.

However, Despero running around like Hulk 2099 on indiscriminate rampages got old fast. I miss the more scheming Silver/Bronze Age version. Despero would be a perfect villain if they could marry the fierceness of the reborn with the genius of the original.

All that said, I'll go with the Despero from 1986, that fought the Detroit League. That's the closest to a balance between both extremes.