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JLA Classified #17 (April 2006)

While the Starro-infested Flash continued acting like "a super-speed addict going through detox," the Martian Manhunter suggested, "Perhaps if Green Lantern enclosed him in a stasis field...?"
"That's the bad news, J'Onn. I did already. This is what the Flash looks like slowed down as much as the ring can make him."

Though the Starro-virus had been quarantined, the situation and the League were found suspect by media and world leaders. Many of those same officials had lent their metahuman contingency plans to General Tuzik, who proceeded to blackmail them with their own innovations. Santa Prisca refused, and then found its population in the grip of terrible seizures. Wonder Woman volunteered to stay with the Flash while the rest of the team investigated.
"Diana, if you'd prefer that I stay..."
"This task is appointed to me, J'Onn. Go."
After all, should worse come to worst, an Amazon was better prepared to end Wally West's suffering, if it came to that.

Outside the capitol city, the divided JLA began experience serious discomfort, requiring them to maintain contact electronically. "Whatever it is, it's affecting me, as well, despite my Martian cellular structure. My vision and telepathy seem particularly impaired. Whatever's doing this, it's fatal to wildlife. Superman, be cautious."
"There are two million people in this city, J'Onn-- caution be damned."

While the Man of Steel and the Emerald Architect surveyed the city, the Sleuth from Outer Space inspected the local waters. "At depths of ten meters, the fish are swimming in irregular patterns, but they're alive. At twenty, they're unaffected. Doesn't take Aquaman to figure these fish out... the effect is coming from above." Green Lantern John Stewart fought to concentrate enough to track the broadcast source, while Superman compelled Batman and Martian Manhunter to stay outside the effect field. J'Onn J'Onzz regretfully declined.

At the Watchtower, Flash broke loose from stasis and was influenced to attack Wonder Woman. Thinking like an echinoderm, the Amazing Amazon was able to predict how the mind-controlling space starfish would maneuver the Scarlet Speedster, and struck him down.

Batman and Manhunter continued arguing their continued intervention against Superman's protests. The Dark Knight Detective linked the effect to the Key, recognizing a second instance of "past... enemies. Coming to haunt us somehow." However, the Caped Crusader succumbed to the satellite transmissions, which Green Lantern just managed to demolish from space before Stewart himself fell victim. The Martian Marvel struggled to lift a bus off crushed innocents, while the Last Son of Krypton fought to safely water land a falling jet plane.

In China, a team of well-equipped dissidents assaulted General Dvory Tuzik's headquarters, but were swiftly captured.

"Blood Is Not Enough" was scripted by Gail Simone, penciled by José Luis García-López, and unfortunately inked Klaus Janson.

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