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Alter Ego: Saranna
Occupation: Scientist
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jasonar (father)
Group Affiliation: None known.
Base of Operations: Kalanor
First Appearance: Justice League of America #1 (October/November 1960)
Height: Approx. 5' 4"
Build: Average
Weight: Approximately
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Pale Green

Saranna and her father Jasonar fled their alien home world after it came under the control of the mutant Despero. Hoping to find asylum on Earth, the pair worked for several days to perfect an anti-weapon against Despero's super-energy arsenal within an abandoned farmhouse. While testing the device, the pair inadvertently disabled the automobile of police scientist Barry Allen as he was driving past their shelter. Secretly the Flash, Allen donned his costume to investigate. Saranna was initially frightened of the super-hero when the Flash discovered them, believing him to be one of Despero's hunters, but her father assured her the Flash's thoughts were altruistic. While Jasonar explained their circumstances, Saranna was struck by a teleportation ray directed by Despero, and whisked away. Back on Kalanor, Despero read Saranna's mind, and used its information to launch a preemptive psychic assault against Flash's friends in the Justice League of America. Through the efforts of her father, the Justice League of America, and their associate Snapper Carr, Despero was eventually captured and Saranna freed.

Later, Saranna joined her father in further scientific study, as well as overseeing the rehabilitation of Despero, which included the surgical removal of his third eye. However, Despero recovered his powers in secret, faked his own death, and escaped supervision. Saranna and Jasonar were unaware that Despero had instead made his way to Earth, where he again battled and was defeated by the Justice League.

Jasonar can communicate through telepathy.

Distinguishing Features:
Green hair. Pointed ears. Inhumanly high arched eyebrows.

Articulate. Distrustful.

Weapons and Vehicles:
Saranna used her scientific knowledge to work on the construction of the anti-weapon, and presumably was familiar with the dimensional traveler craft, but was not shown operating either.

Quote: "We come from a dimensional world called Kalanor! There a three-eyed tyrant called Despero-- has seized control and made slaves of our people!"

Created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky

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