Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crimson Lightning

Crimson Lightning, launched on Friday, July 21, 2006, is the granddaddy of our participating character-specific blogs. As such, Dixon's offered up a lot of history over the years, not just of the Fastest Man Alive, but of comics blogging. Was he the first among us to use a Favicon, with his Flash wingtips appearing on tabs and bookmarks when referencing his page? I still kind of want one of those, but at no trouble to myself. Remember when DC announced Showcase Presents: Who's Who, but fouled out where Essential Marvel Universe Handbook delivered? Speculation about the line-up of Meltzer's Justice League? Game Boy Advance's Justice League Heroes: The Flash? How about when Shawn Levy was going to direct a live action Flash movie? As I recall, Dixon was the first in our group to regularly employee reader polls, and I know Rob and I get a lot of use out of those!

I'm not the biggest Flash fan, having developed an aversion to Carmine Infantino dating back to at least The Flash #308 (even with the Dennis Jensen inking him,) but I've followed the character off and on over the years (most notably during the too-brief Baron/Guice revamp.) Looking over Dixon's blog, it makes me regret not having given the Scarlet Speedster more of my time (especially Cary Bates' lengthy run.) From childhood, I was more of a Green Lantern Corps man, though the more I read of Hal Jordan himself, the less I liked. It's funny, as I've never had a lot of interest in Flash's powers, but I like Barry Allen and his Rogues Gallery. One of these days, maybe once the Showcase Presents volumes get up to the late 70s, I'll finally hop on the bandwagon.

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LissBirds said...

I forgot about Flash Facts! I love those. I miss the educational columns that used to be in old comics. I just find them amusing.

mathematicscore said...

The Flash TV show led to me running around the playground making sonic boom sounds with my mouth. I was very popular.

Diabolu Frank said...

I was of the wrong generation, M.C. Instead, I'd spin an unmanned merry go round as fast as I could, then grab a rail and let it drag me across the ground. Indiana Jones, 'natch.

mathematicscore said...


LissBirds said...

LOL. Childhood superheroics for the win!

I used to tie baling twine onto a stick and lob it at the roof of the shed and pretend it was a grappling hook. I honestly don't know where I got that from, though, because it was pre-Batman Animated Series.

I think I was the only four-year-old in the world to want a grappling hook THAT badly.

Diabolu Frank said...

Flash live action? Batman:TAS? Guys, I was doing Indy Jones after seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark... at the theater! Quit makin' me feel old!

mathematicscore said...

Sorry, dude, I play in a band, so I end up at a lot of all ages shows still, and I feel ancient. So I guess I'm taking it out on you ;)

LissBirds said...

I had a record player when I was a kid if it makes you feel any better, Frank. And I saw the third Indiana Jones movie in the theater.

If you want to feel old, work at a school....I don't know what the heck these kids are talking about these days....

Diabolu Frank said...

Psh! I had an 8-Track collection! Not only do I remember the dawn of CDs, but cassettes as well! I played Kim Carnes, Bernie Higgens and the Grease soundtrack on my suitcase record player on the daily! And don't get me started on them rich folks with their fancy laserdiscs, while I was nearly in my teens before we had a VHS machine!

Rassin' frassin' snotnosed kids!

LissBirds said... forgot to add that you walked uphill both ways to school, Frank. :)

mathematicscore said...

You win.

Diabolu Frank said...

No sir, M.C., I do not.

Actually Liss, I did walk uphill both ways to school for a year there... in the snow... and once (very briefly and with a sudden crash) in cowboy boots. Hah!