Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2010 Rejected Comic Panel by Brett Booth

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"Serves me right for trying to hard. Just turned in a DPS and on it is a shot that refers to another book. The description was flying heroes around a shield thing in DC. So I took it upon myself to draw a bunch of flying heroes... Unfortunately some are either not there or inside the shield so I had to swap some out. These are the one that got swapped, so since they aren't in the book I can post them on a technicality;)




mathematicscore said...

This seems like a good place to complain about J'onn not appearing in Action Comics 904 at all. Miss Martian, Capt Atom, Alan Scott, Hawk and Flippin' Dove all show up; Even Ravager is hanging around for no real reason. Did I mention this is all to fight DOOMSDAYS? Paul Cornell does have Lois make him the butt of a Mr Ed joke, which was oddly sweet, but man do I hate the idea that huge meta threats happen and the call goes out and MM is sitting twiddling his thumbs.

Diabolu Frank said...

Stormwatch may be the best revenge, as it seems to cast the Justice League as late to the party...