Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doom Patrol #6 (March, 2010)

The sixth issue of Keith Giffen/Matthew Clark's streamlining of the Doom Patrol and their history focused on making an integrated whole out of the permutations of Negative Man. It was my favorite issue of the first half dozen, even if it did feel the need to reference the horrible Tenth Circle story arc that launched John Byrne's incarnation of the team. Below is a linklist of comprehensive synopsizes of those wretched issues from a sister blog, DC Bloodlines:

Anj of Supergirl Comic Box Commentary is a big Doom Patrol fan, and his first article as a contributor at DC Bloodlines extolled their virtues. You can read that here:
My Love Affair With The Doom Patrol and How Keith Giffen Makes Me Smile

I've been watching HBO's Deadwood, a really excellent series. The first few episodes of the second season involve the main villain deathly ill from sepsis related to urinary blockage, and how the state of frontier medicine in the 1870s attempts to address the issue. It's amused me to make parallels to those episodes watched over the weekend as my foul mood yesterday has turned out to be tied to a temporary, wearying bug in my own system.

What I'm trying to say is, if you enjoy modern deeply foul-mouthed westerns with underpinnings reflecting the political maneuvers of Ancient Rome, I highly recommend watching Deadwood at your earliest convenience. If you like the looks of the above cameo appearance by the Manhunter from Mars in the surprisingly good Doom Patrol series of 2009-2011, try clicking links on the list below. If you think it's been too long since I did a Manhunters Around The World entry, you've got something to look forward to in the coming days. However, if you want new material today, forget it, 'cuz I'm poorly...

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