Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Spitballin' Comics Miss Martian Week

What Is Spitballin' Comics?

We are a Toronto based artist collective, chalk full of comic book enthusiasts and professionals. Every week one of our members will choose a new character and each of us will provide our own interpretation of the chosen subject. We will be adding more contributors over the next few weeks and presenting you with a wide variety of subject matter. Enjoy the art.


It's Miss Martian week, and with the relaunched Teen Titans seeing her benched and the loss of relevance that comes with Manhunter's JLA founder status being written out of continuity, It feels like an appropriate time to show Megan Morse some love.

This week, we're also welcoming our newest member, Ryan Bullard. Good to have you aboard Ryan!



MISS MARTIAN by David Cutler

MISS MARTIAN by Michael Walsh

MISS MARTIAN by meaghan carter!

MISS MARTIAN - Neil Tavares

MISS MARTIAN by Selena Goulding

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aota said...

Not sure how you report this guy as spam but someone should.

Miss Martian week sounds like a fun idea. I was also wondering what if anything they were going to do with her in the DCnU.

Diabolu Frank said...

No snitches, but Majid Ali no longer has a comment here. Moderation comes in handy sometimes.