Monday, August 1, 2011

How do you feel about Miss Martian?

A few weeks back, I wrote up a post about my evolving feelings toward Miss Martian, and invited readers to do the same. The response reminded me of the oft-misquoted and parodied Sally Field Oscar acceptance line "...I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!" Sixty-five responses made it the most popular poll on the blog to date, and broke down thusly:
I'm a fan! 17 (26%)
I like her! 27 (41%)
She's okay. 14 (21%)
Meh. 5 (7%)
I have issues with her. 0 (0%)
I don't like her. 0 (0%)
I hate her! 2 (3%)

That's a whopping 98%... response? Google polls aren't very good at math. To simplify and improve the calculations, that 68% positive, 29% neutral, and just 3% negative. That's enough of a mandate that I'm of half a mind to ask the same question about J'Onn J'Onzz to see how he would fare. M'gann M'orzz is a likeable gal who will hopefully find her place in the DCnÜ, perhaps as J'Onn's legitimate niece and a Green Martian. Nobody has brought this up around these parts, but you do realize that assertion from the Young Justice cartoon would make her Ma'alefa'ak's daughter, right? Goes a long way towards explaining her mental instability, and you could even retcon her only thinking that she was a White Martian into the mix. That is of course assuming that a) Miss Martian still exists, b) Ma'alefa'ak still exists, c) that either of their continuities have not been radically altered in the event that they do exist, or d) that it will matter in five years what happened in a comic book from the '00s. We're only selling five digits these days, y'know? Cartoons reach millions.

One more thing: There was a really hubbub started at this year's SDCC over the lack of female creators taking part in the DC New 52 initiative, shaming executives into recognizing that there are more great female creators available for work than Gail Simone and Amy Reeder. Wouldn't Miss Martian be an ideal candidate for a mini-series to combine a couple of them? How about Felicia Henderson and Colleen Coover with covers by Sana Takeda? Somebody make that happen...


LissBirds said...

" but you do realize that assertion from the Young Justice cartoon would make her Ma'alefa'ak's daughter, right?"

Whoa....why did that never occur to me before? And you're right--it kind of works in a weird for thought!

mathematicscore said...

Interesting ideas abound. I would definitely buy a Miss Martian Mini (or ongoing!) with a wide allowance for creators.