Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gaslight Martian Manhunter Custom Figure (2007)

Ah the wonders you can find surfing the internet. I'll just keep quiet and let the artist explain...

Gaslight Justice League

"Inspired by the comic book, Gotham by Gaslight by Mike Mignola and Brian Augustyn. Set in 1880's , Batman attempts to stop Jack the Ripper, who has come to Gotham.

I attempted to re-design the famous members of the Justice League in the Victorian Era. I went for a darker look & tried to give them the right period feel, but also keep the feel of the original character."

"Martian Manhunter- This was a challenge. His classic look is a mostly naked green Martian running around in a blue Speedo, pirate boots, and a bandolier. The Manhunter name, made me think of Sherlock Holmes, and I liked the idea of a Martian in a Victorian suit. I used the classic colors to keep the right feel."

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Damian said...

That is an amazing custom. I normally don't get all gung-ho about customs but this one...

I'm gung.

I'm also ho.