Friday, January 4, 2008

Post (12ish Days of) Crisis

After a lengthy series of Crisis-related posts, over which time the blog template has gone wonky in a variety of ways to relect the "Red Skies" or "Infinite Earths" concepts, everything goes black. The logo vanishes, and without explanation, we return with a synopsis of the very first Martian Manhunter story. I just sort of started the blog without planning on a whim, and always regretted not offering a clear entry point to the character. The plan was to overcompenate with an "Origins" week, spotlighting the most radical variations on the premise. It was tricky, especially since I had to sidestep things like the origin of Marco Xavier, or the "true" origin from O'Neil era JLA, neither of which I actually own. Finally, I'd settled on my seven posts, which would set up the new but still flexible blog status quo of...

Sunday: Mid-50's solo story.
Monday: Mid-60's HoM tale.
Tuesday: 70's-- um, this decade won't last long. Wild card!
Wednesday: Mid-80's Justice League Detroit.
Thursday: Late 90's JLA/solo series.
Friday: Early 00's of all stripes.
Saturday: Another free space for editorial/merchandise/etc.

...Three problems emerged:
Martian Solicitations may run really late in the month.
Even with the extended coverage, Crisis ended two days early.
Man, does it stink that I'm still sitting on a gorgeous new banner Mike Netzer made for me weeks ago, currently only visible through his blog or my side project, NURGH!

Two of these issues remain unresolved, but you're looking at the third. Today, I decided to state my intentions, and invite any comment on the matter. I also needed an excuse to run this swell George Pérez rendition of the Detroit League that never quite fit anywhere in "Crisis." I thought about saving it for the inevitable recap page of Detroit adventures, but Pérez's slick style really doesn't reflect their saga as a whole in my eyes. Tomorrow, I address another issues, my inferior scans from the early blog days. I've been itching to rework some of those posts, and the first fruits of my desire emerge then...

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Luke said...

All I will say is that having a general plan of what you want to post does help, but remember to be flexible. Don't force yourself to write about something from the 90s if you're not feeling it that day, for example.