Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WWMNzD?... with Frank Miller

So Mike Netzer threw down the gauntlet at DC to allow him the chance to become professionally reacquainted with J'Onn J'Onzz, the Manhunter from Mars. That's great, but I don't see Denny O'Neil going the same route. Someone's got to write the thing, and if we're going to go the "Post-Crisis" revamp route, it ought to be a big name. Well actually, it ought to be a small name, like a Len Kaminski or a John Arcudi. Barring that, maybe a J.M. DeMatteis, who also professes undying love for a character he reinvigorated decades back. However, that would not be a hopefully amusing and pointed satire of modern DC Comics, which is what I'm shooting for with the new, likely multi-part feature: "What Would Michael Netzer Do?" Well, he'd get a really famous scripter, who'd add major heat to the project (in some sense or another.)

This time, I've repurposed dialogue by that lovable scamp and close personal friend of Denny's, Frank "G@#D@~^" Miller, for ALL-STAR MARTIAN MANHUNTER!

Warning: Enlarged version features mild profanity:


Damian said...

ha! Love it.

Bless you.

Luke said...

"Stay still. I'm reading your God-damned mind."

"I do it with my boots on. It's better that way."

"Don't say a word about the God-damned costume. I get enough &$@% about the brow. Not one word about my God-damned 'X' and trunks."


Diabolu Frank said...

Part of me really wanted to write in the style of Frank Miller, but I wanted to play fair and use actual dialogue taken verbatim, to really sell the innanity. His advance on "DK2" was HOW much again?