Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Martian Manhunter Rogues Gallery Revisited

One of my first posts on this blog involved announcing the reopening of one of my favorite wings of the old "Rock of the JLA" site: "The Vile Menagerie." Also, it became one of my favorite early crutches, as I could toss out an old scan with a dated entry of some one-off foe whenever I was stuck for a daily entry. Well blast it, while none of those posts involved terrors like Vandal Savage or Despero, these were among the elite few villains created for the express purpose of fighting the Manhunter from Mars. They deserve the best possible scans, with the coolest art and most vibrant colors. In my humble opinion, comparing the old and new is like the difference between VHS and DVD. Also like DVD, I've rewritten the text on all of the entries since their early 00's debut, and even cleaned up some from their initial blog posts for the "Special Edition." The Prophet specifically has just had a complete rewrite for your infotainment needs. Since I had a lot fewer readers them (as any, "not any,") this if first run to many. Besides, I had WAY to many tags up in here, so they've been incorporated into the "Vile Menagerie" umbrella post.

So what exactly is a "Vile Menagerie?"

Who is the mad Prophet I spoke of?

Who is the Marshal of Mars II responsible for ending the Satellite Era of the JLA?

Seriously, who the heck is the Osprey?

PLUS, these unaltered entries...
Monty Moran: The Getaway King / Getaway Mastermind
The Pyre
The Devil Men of Pluto

Emmissions from the Idol-Head of Diabolu:
The Doom Shadow
The Weird World of Gilgana
Iwangis--Creature King
The Venomee

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