Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Total Justice in Total Teamwork" Coloring Book: Fire Extinguisher (1997)

This is the first solo pin-up featuring the Manhunter from Mars in this book. For the most part, action figure accessories for super-heroes are pretty stupid, seeing as they are super and all. Equipping a Martian with a wrist-mounted fire extinguisher? Now that works for me just fine! I also appreciate the minimal alteration of J'Onn's costume, amounting to a "TJ" icon on his cape's clasp. Asymmetrical sure, but far less distracting than his Mr. Miracle collar, which I'll chalk up to artistic license.

There's an extremely vague set of stories that play out in silent pictures throughout the book. In fact, it's so scatter shot as to not actually run in sequence. Random pages are tossed together and repeated, as though each copy had a set page count, and seemed to be formed by just gluing whatever came down the assembly line together. I figure you don't need a context to understand what's going on here, but I also wanted to alert you that there was one regardless.

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