Sunday, October 27, 2013

“Benn Blanx”

I've got at least four things that I'd really like to do across the last days of "October Commandeered" that I think would be very cool to let out into the wild. However, I am quite tired and unmotivated to bring any of those projects to fruition starting at 4 a.m. So I'm taking today off, hopefully to return energized for the rest of the month. To prevent today from being a complete waste and to remain on topic, I'd like to make a brief clarification.

Commander Blanx has appeared in exactly two published comic book stories. In neither of these stories was he given a first name. The only official DC Comics publication to reference Blanx was Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, which did not offer a first name. Blanx was also mentioned in the non-canon Super Powers mini-series and on the card back of the Kenner Martian Manhunter action figure, but again, only as "Commander Blanx."

I believe I first saw the name “Benn Blanx” on an internet website in the late '90s, it is currently featured at DC Comics Database (Wikia), and occasionally pops up on the likes of Wikipedia edits. If anyone could direct me to a citation for this name, I would happily give it a look, but I'm pretty sure this is a long lived viral mistake, most likely involving confusion with B'enn B'urnzz. So, barring substantiation, cut that out. With notable exceptions, Martians lack the fixation on alliteration prevalent in Silver Age comics.

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will_in_chicago said...

It is interesting how errors can crop up in records, even about comic book characters.