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Who's Who: The Definite Directory of the DC Universe #10 Hows and Whys (December, 1985)

I'm not in the habit of reading 28 year old letter columns from reference books, so I'm thankful to WHO’S WHO: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume X for pointing out the following Bel Juz reference, the femme fatale's only mention in a DC encyclopedia in probably ever, as well as editor Len Wein's response...
Dear Mr.Wein,
What do you have against Green Lan­tern? Well, Green Lantern villains, at least. I recall a letter from Kent A. Phenis asking for the reappearance of the Dazzler and the Bottler. Well, Kent, I hate to tell you this, but they no longer exist. Unless Mr. Wein devotes an issue to villains who were left out. And if he does, we'll also have to see the Crumbier (another GL villain; it must be a plot).

And how about Bel Juz, who started the Earth-Mars war, or Erg-Master from DC COMICS PRESENTS #79. Dr. Sivana— come on, how could you have missed him? And the Cryonic Man? As you may have guessed, I like super-villains, so don't for­get I'll be watching. Also, AMBUSH BUG #4 implies that you won't include Itty (also from GL, it's a conspiracy!). I think I've complained enough, so I'll let you get back to writing your Forgotten Villains issue (wait, you've already included them. How can I complain?).

Michael Cleveland
No Address Given
We don't intentionally leave heroes or vil­lains out of the book, but sometimes sacri­fices must be made for space consider­ations. There are far too many villains who have appeared only once to include them all, such as Bel Juz or Erg-Master. The Crumbier, however, was an accidental omission and will be in a future update. Dr. Srvana will be found under S, sometime next year,

When we have the space, we try and get in everyone, such as next month's entry on the Invisible Destroyer, A Green Lantern vil­lain who appeared only twice—SHOW­CASE #23, 1960.
For the record, Bel Juz had appeared in four issues of two series, and was a major player in both J'Onn J'Onzz's departure from and return to Earth, not to mention prompting the formation of the Detroit era Justice League. Wein's reply appeared in an issue that featured Harpis from the Omega Men, Son of Tomahawk, Helix, the Heroes of Lallor, and Lieutenant Hunter's Hellcats, which certainly did nothing to shut the door against nitpicking. Popular artist Phil Jimenez also got a letter printed that month, which is peachy!

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