Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Commandeered

In years past, we've had theme months for villains like The March of Mongul and our annual Early April Early February December of Despero celebration. This year, we worked out Ma'alefa'ak's Ma'ar'chh Ma'adn'ezz, and I hope to muster a quality Malefic May next year. Commander Blanx completes the trinity of wretched Martian Manhunter arch foes, but with only two comic book appearances, it's difficult to fill four weeks with his shenanigans. This is especially true because, where I was clever enough to focus the majority of Mongul-related content I've produced into one burst, I've stretched out Commander Blanx coverage across six years of daily bloging. That said, I chose @CommanderBlanx as my Twitter handle for a reason. I've got some tricks up my sleeve, including a new commission, character analysis, versus match poll, fan fiction, and some revised entries in the offing. I can't guarantee we'll make it all the way to Halloween, but for now, consider the coming days of the tenth month of 2013 commandeered!

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