Friday, October 11, 2013

Justice, Vol. 2

The Martian Manhunter finally fought off Gorilla Grodd's technologically enhanced telepathic illusion and realized that he was still under the sea. "...I... am not burning. Conspiracy... It's a conspiracy. They all struck at once... all at once." As the Alien Atlas burst up from the depths on into the heights, the Flash ran across the waters on his way to meet Superman... indefinitely.

J'Onn J'Onzz flew to Midway City, mentally calling out to Carter Hall. Hawkman and Hawkgirl had been attacked in their civilian identities by the Toyman, but had managed to survive the ensuing fire that ravaged their museum. The Manhunter explained to them both that all of their foes were on the offensive.

The Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Hawkgirl flew over Metropolis. "This way, Carter. There. As Detective John Jones, my sources are reliable, but not always within the law. And they don't always know I'm reading their minds. Be careful. If Toyman is there, he'll be sure to have defenses... We'll reconnect later at the emergency rendezvous. It may be the only place safe from Grodd's control... Be careful. I saw images of Earth's apocalypse when I looked in Grodd's mind. There is a conspiracy here. But I sense more than that." J'Onn left the Hawks to their pursuit of the villain who nearly killed them while destroying the Midway City Museum they curated. As far as their later meeting place, "I just hope Superman's there to unlock the door."

Meanwhile, Gorilla Grodd was revealed to be part of a triumvirate within the Legion of Doom, including Brainiac and Lex Luthor, who were secretly calling the shots. It was the Super-Gorilla who had telepathically planted the nightmare which motivated the other scoundrels to action. Grodd also appeared to be orchestrating the attacks on Earth's heroes while his fellows pursued other angles...

The Martian Manhunter telepathically confided to Zatanna that he hoped Red Tornado was wrong about Aquaman's location, as he detected no heartbeat or thoughts from the abandoned plant. "I found a way in. You should be able to materialize inside once I'm there. It's unfortunate your magic requires an anchor for you to follow, as opposed to just making whatever you desire happen. I wish you could just make Aquaman appear, alive and well." Although schools of fish were still directing the heroes to this area, J'Onn teared up, suspecting they were merely following the last wish of their king. The pair found Aquaman's body under a sheet on an operating table. Gorilla Grodd was immediately aware of this fact, and ordered a second series of attacks against the League's wards and dearest civilian loved ones as a replacement distraction.

Martian Manhunter took Aquaman to Professor Niles Caulder, gifted brain surgeon and leader of the Doom Patrol. Zatanna was impatient to know the outcome of the Chief's efforts, but J'Onn insisted "We must accept our limitations..." Caulder returned from assessing Aquaman's condition to ask J'Onn more about the circumstances and surroundings Arthur was found in. The Sleuth from Outer Space assumed the primates that were present were part of the preparation for Brainiac's experiment. J'Onzz felt complimented when Caulder said, "You're thinking too much like an Earthman, J'Onn." The Professor suspected someone, like Grodd, was looking for "something not so much similar as complimentary" between the ape and telepathic human brains. He also assured that as an amphibian, J'Onn's friend would soon make a full recovery under his own power...

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