Friday, November 21, 2008

Alex Ross Justice League of America vs. Starro (2002)

Since I kicked off coverage of Silver Age JL of A adventures last Friday with an Alex Ross piece, I figured I'd nod toward their first appearance with another. Truth to tell, I've got a whole bunch of Starro pin-ups waiting in the wings, so expect lots of seafood with your turkey over the holidays next week. Mm-MMM! Fishy!


Bookgal said...

As I said before I'm an Alex Ross fangirl, and i love this piece. Starro is such a great villain right down to its name! Its so Super friends sounding! LOL

Diabolu Frank said...

I hadn't looked at this piece since I scanned it months back, but gazing at it upon my page, it truly is a thing of beauty. J'Onn's grim determination is dead solid perfect. Aquaman has that wonderfully manly James Bama feel, Wonder Woman is striking, while Flash & GL don't look like their mothers made their outfits. The ominous perspective on the tentacles is also fantastic.