Sunday, November 23, 2008

Darwyn Cooke Justice League of America vs. Starro (2004)

I warned you I had more Starro! This image is taken from the final page of DC: The New Frontier, issue #6. The well liked prestige mini-series was adapted to animation earlier this year.


Bookgal said...

This is a great series, and I love this final page. I know some people really didn't get fired up by this work, but I just thought the blending of real history and super-hero reality was wonderful. There's a fantastic balance between the more realistic view of the world in my adult comics reading, and the "Gosh Gee" innocent heroics of things like Linda Carter's Wonder Woman all mixed up in this book. I gushed about it in my own journal reviews, so I'll spare you here. But J'onn in this series is one of my favorite incarnations.

Diabolu Frank said...

I don't recall if I ever posted my a review of "New Frontier." Regardless, I'll summarize:

* Excellent use of obscure Post-Crisis Martian Manhunter reference in one of the finest gestalt incarnations put to paper.

* Extreme indulgent in areas, especially all that padding with Vegas and the early Flash appearances, where more attention could have been given to lesser known heroes.

* Positive interpretations of Silver Age heroes to counterbalance all that 80s/90s deconstructionism.

* Really covered no new ground, and largely a nostalgia fest.

* Beautiful art, and extravagant representation in the Absolute Edition.

* Very sound reworking of King Faraday, and even if derivative, I love seeing heroes in the paranoiac Cold War era.

* The blood-splattered Invisible Jet was a more iconic, fantastic visual than anything in the vastly overrated "Kingdom Come." For me, anyway.