Sunday, January 9, 2011

1995 Skybox DC Villains: The Dark Judgment Darkseid Chase Card ge4

When the old gods died, there arose new ones. And most fearsome of them all was the mighty Darkseid, lord of fiery Apokolips.

After all these Darkseid posts, I guess I should have given last week over him, but I think what little I have to offer would quickly get repetitive. One of the conceits of this card set was that an unnamed evil observer was offering the commentary on each card back. I guess even he had said his piece on Card #87...

Ruler supreme of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Astoundingly strong and virtually invulnerable, I suspect that Darkseid has yet to display the full extent of his power. He would be the very definition of evil... were it not for his damnable sense of humor.

What the what? "Sense of humor?" Anyway, the two card backs were different. The "Gathering of Evil" Spectra-etch foil chase set were written in mixed caps om a bland brown "dirt" background with a few bugs on some cards and a skull in the middle where Parallax's card rested. The standard backs started out a stone gray, but "decayed" to a dark greenish color, with an increasing amount of rot and bugs. Also, the all-caps red text was highlighted by alternating shaded strips. Most importantly, the first letter of each flavor text segment was encircled and appeared twice on each standard card. Might be something to that...

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