Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Transconsciousness Articulator

The Transconsciousness Articulator is a Martian device which can read the mind of a subject and generate a virtual reality so convincing that it can fool the heightened senses of Superman. It has been described as forcing the subject's conscious mind into the realm of their subconscious.

A subject is placed in an isolating chamber while wearing a black wetsuit with various attachments. The chamber fills with a clear liquid, and the subject is induced into a state somewhat like REM sleep, but of indefinite length and elevated impact on the subject. In fact, the device is meant to be used only with the guiding oversight of an experienced telepath, and can endanger the subject if used without such supervision.

First Appearance: JLA #83 (September, 2003)


mathematicscore said...

See, this was the kind of stuff that made JLA awesome, both in general and for Martian Manhunter fans. Big flippin' ideas that are reasonably logical for big time alien super beings. Love it.

LissBirds said...

Which series is this from? I missed out on this. And the Golden Pyramid.

Diabolu Frank said...

The second time this week I leave off a credit to Joe Kelly, and the second time it gets a "moar!" response. The T-A appeared in two issues of JLA, #83 & 90. I find it amusing that the initials are T and A, when it looks more like two heads (and a pair of testes) being better than one.