Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 DCSH 3: Triumph Cubee by Joshua Wolf

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I'm not going to pretend like I understand the phenomenon of turning super-heroes into super-deformed/Lego/cubist versions of themselves. I'm just going to promote the first of several Martian Manhunter related "Cubee" fold paper figures by Joshua Wolf (under the pseudonym "The Flying Dachshund." I do this because it exists, and because that fact amuses me.


LissBirds said...

Don't lie. You've already printed this out and made it, haven't you?

And, holy crap, I'm looking at this guy's Deviant Art account and there's an Ace the Bathound Cubee but no Adam Strange?!

Tom Hartley said...

Ace the Bat-Hound, a worthy colleague... for me to poop on!

(That was the other Triumph.)

Diabolu Frank said...

Jupiter? I deed her. She was a dirty leettle beech! She could drag a grown man around with that mouth, so imagine what she deed for me!

LissBirds said...

I love it when the other Triumph makes an appearance during DCU Triumph post...muahaha.

The Flying Dachshund said...

Thank you for posting my Triumph Cubee!! You should also note (since this is a J'onn J'onnz blog) that everyone's favorite Martian is in Cubee form here:

And as for Adam Strange... I'll make sure he's in there some time in the future!! ;^)

Diabolu Frank said...

I believe you had a Scorch cubee I totally meant to post in February before getting sidetracked. Great work, and I fully intend to showcase more here in the future!