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Idle-Head of Diabolu, Vol. I

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For the longest time, I've been meaning to come up with a menu to collect all the ephemeral posts accumulated over the last three years that I don't have the good sense to treat as such. I've also wanted a forum to get credit for updates or menus in progress, because they cost a lot of time without much reward. In that vein, here's the Idle-Head of Diabolu, because Idle-Emissions sounds dirty and anti-ecological.

First off, above is the 1998 DC Direct Martian Manhunter Poster by Christopher Moeller that ran earlier this week, where I lamented the poor quality of the decade-plus old scan not doing the art justice. Shortly afterward, I received an email for the awesome Mr. Moeller containing a much larger and more detailed scan that Photobucket won't allow me to fully reproduce. I thanked him profusely, and noted that "it would be nice to see more comic work from you, period. I think JLA: A League of One was one of the finest Wonder Woman stories ever written, and one of the few I can hand to the uninitiated with confidence." I was lucky enough to see League in progress when Moeller showed off art from the project at the San Diego Comic Con years back. I'd also like to recommend Ruins, the twisted anti-Marvels mini-series with writer Warren Ellis. Moeller mentioned that he is currently working on a continuation of his Iron Empires epic, but in the meantime, I'd also recommend an earlier chapter from 1994, Shadow Empires: Faith Conquers. Curiously enough, I was already planning to cover another Moeller/Manhunter project here, and the artist made a remarkable contribution to that effort that will show up next week.

Now then, the main reason for this exercise, the start of a link list that should eventually build into a menu. All of these posts are from September-November of 2007:

Five Years Later...

This blog's first post, including a smidge of my personal biography, the history of my previous Martian Manhunter fan site, and the inspiration for creating and naming this blog.

The Rock of the JLA

Discussing the rationale for, afterlife of, and opening page introduction from my late '90s Martian Manhunter fan site.

Idol-Head in the House (of Mystery!)

An brief overview of the transition of the Manhunter from Mars strip from Detective Comics to House of Mystery, excerpted from my old fan site.

Five Reasons To Love the Manhunter from Mars

CBR/Comics Should Be Good's reader poll of the Top 50 (or so) characters at DC and Marvel Comics placed J'Onn J'Onzz at #11, but no fan "flavor text" had been added to his listing. I submitted such to compilation master Brian Cronin, and this was what he used...

1986 DC Comics Subscription Ad

Talkin' 'bout buyin' comics at the 7-11 in the 1980s.

Justice League Detroit

Another excerpt from the old site, where I offer a brief overview of the "new" League of 1984.

Inside? Outside? Upside-down?

Is you is or is you ain't with Batman? The Outsiders mercurial line-up of 2007.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: The Motion Picture Part 1 (2000)

This one belongs in "Fantatical Fictions," but I don't have a menu for that yet, and with the launch of the "Middletown TV show," I though this might be a nice counterbalance in production values.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: The Motion Picture, Part 2 (2000)

Villains and special appearances.

Frank, J'Onn, and Ray

A rare partial appearance by me in photograph.

Black Friday

A stylized photo of the Martian Manhunter maquette by my friend Dave, which also belongs in a fan art section.

The Quotable Martian...

A section from the old site that I never really revived here.

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