Thursday, May 24, 2012

2010 Comicpalooza Commission Reference Sheets

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Despite having to significantly scale back my plans for this year's commissions, I still want to make sure that I have the right reference for the right artist if the right price can be agreed upon. You have to have good reference available for the artist. These guys don't have a detailed mental Rolodex of every character in their heads, and some are young enough to not even have a mental image of what a Rolodex is. Also, you might be picturing an Adam Hughes Despero, and they may be thinking Mike Sekowsky, a confusion that may leave you dismayed. Gathering quality reference in service to full figure commissions of obscure characters is time consuming, so in lieu of a post as I work on that, here's my reference sheets from the first round of Comicpalooza commissions.

I'm not sure that this is a complete set, as I likely cycled out some poor reference if I sprung for improved ones. B'rett almost got done by Andy Kuhn, but ended up waiting another year for a different artist. Blanx and Zook got head shots, while Professor Hugo was done twice over. Marco Xavier got a "gag" sketch,  while Kuhn went for Dr. Trap. J.H. Williams passed on doing Mr. V, but Phil Hester didn't a year later, so it's a  good thing I held on to that Vulture symbol. Mongul and Bloodwynd also got theirs in 2011. Bel Juz and the Marshal were going to be done up together, but that deal fell apart. Two years later, and the Marshal is the only one left from this first group not to have received a commission (and 2012 isn't looking to be his year either.) Most of the art was pulled as is right off this blog, in case you want to do some of your own...

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