Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2010 Martian Manhunter Sketch Card by Chris Foreman

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I was going to do a bigger text post today, but had too many distractions to focus. Instead, here's some art by one of the Comicpalooza guests I'm hoping to get a commission from. It's not going to be a Martian, or even a man, but perhaps a bit of a hunter. My wish list is almost done, mostly narrowed down to one character per artist (where applicable,) with some seriously obscure selections that even I didn't see coming. I just tried to let the artists' strengths guide me toward the proper subjects.

If you want some meatier reading, why not check out Anj's Review of Starfire #1, moonlighting on our sister blog DC Bloodlines from his own Supergirl Comic Box Commentary. I promise that no Tamaranians were employed for the endeavor, although both heroines have a likely future of lower back problems...

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