Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Vile Menagerie: THE THYTHEN

The Thythen were warmongers, "engaged in a cosmic struggle with their neighbors." According to writing found on a tablet and translated by J'onn J'onzz within the Alien Arsenal, the Thythen invaded the planet Vonn, and preyed upon the native people there. In order to escape the Thythen, this people abandoned their world and "broadcast" themselves to a distant solar system. Three members of the Thythen, an "unholy trinity," remained on Vonn to "charge their Robo-Chargers" off living beings. These victims included the Desert Dwellers, who had survived Mars' devastation and found their way to Vonn.

The Thythen camp was located in the west, where their domed headquarters and the girders that held the Robo-Chargers' "batteries" could be seen from well off. The Thythen seemed to have no compunctions about exploiting the life energies of their prisoners while treating them inhumanely. They also encouraged the traitorous Bel Juz to lure others into a trap to expand their herd.

Of the three Thythen on Vonn, two were disintegrated by their own Robo-Chargers after they were taken over by the minds of the Desert Dwellers. The third traveled from Vonn in the Alien Arsenal before being defeated by Superman. How that Thythen was managed afterward is unknown.

The Thythen appeared once, in World's Finest Comics #212 (June, 1972)

Quote: "Robo-Chargers-- Attention! Attack the foreigners-- grind them to dust! --TO DUST!"

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