Saturday, February 8, 2014

That Glowing Menace!

When Vince Durskin stole the Diabolu Idol-Head from John R. Collins, he released the first of its many menaces to plague the modern era. Durskin was impregnated with a supernatural energy that destroyed anything he gazed upon, then a "strange ominous form" emerged from the idol-head. This glowing cloud-like presence appeared to consume anything that it came into contact with-- small structures, train cars, a steel tower, and more. "The Voracious Monster" was absorbing anything in its path, triggering efforts from the Middletown Police Department to arrest its rampage. At a local airport, the alien hero Martian Manhunter "fed" the thing a fleet of airplanes that temporarily satiated the entity. The Manhunter had bought himself time to investigate Vince Durskin while in his secret identity as Detective John Jones, and work out a means to finish "that destructive glowing menace!"

Middletown P.D. eventually located Durskin, but not before "that glowing menace" returned within the city proper, and nearly devoured a young boy before "John Jones" appeared to perish in his stead. "The terrifying creature" turned toward the shocked and grieving Chief Harding, but the Manhunter from Mars had faked Jones' death with a plan of action. The Manhunter found Vince Durskin and forced him to use his destructive vision on "that glowing Diabolu menace." The figure vanished and Durskin lost his powers, while John Jones remained "deceased" to allow J'onn J'onzz his lengthy pursuit of the missing, activated idol-head and its menagerie of menaces.

First Appearance: Detective Comics #326 (April, 1964)

Created by Jack Miller & Joe Certa


The King of Thessaly said...

I'm not familiar with the old Martian Manhunter comics at all... So this is a fun blog to browse through. This whole 'menaces released from the Idol-Head' story sounds pretty cool.

Diabolu Frank said...

Thanks and welcome, your majesty.