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Pictures of Martian Manhunter

When I look up to the skies
I see an alien super-hero of beryl
I rush home to the Watchtower
I sense Martian Vision to my marrow
I wake next morning, tired, still yawning
Detect your telepathy peering through my window

Pictures of Martian Man Hunter
Mirages of Martian Man Hunter
All I ever see is them and you...

Below is a gallery of professional art featuring images taken from sketches, pin-ups, merchandise, and so on. All showcase either the Martian Manhunter or, occasionally, a member of his extended family or foes. They are sorted by the artist's surname and date produced where available...

Dusty Abell
1996 Martian Manhunter Special #1 Group Pin-Up

Arthur "Art" Adams
1988 Action Comics #600 Pin-Up
1992 Venev Alien Parasite Model Sheet
2004 Justice League Art/DC Legends Card DCL-058: Stalwart Defense
2006 Convention Head Sketch

Jeff Albrecht
The Comic Reader #219 Back Cover (September, 1984)

Mike Allred
1999 Unused Community Chest Card #2 Art

Jim Aparo
1991 Who's Who in the DC Universe #13: Starro the Conqueror

Sergio Aragonés
1999 DCU Holiday Bash III

Mark Badger
Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch
1987 Martian Manhunter Watercolor
2009 Martian Manhunter & H'Ronmeer (with Toby Mays)
2009 Martian Manhunter & The Spectre (with Toby Mays)

Michael Bair
1997 Unused Original Art Page

Art Baltazar
2008 Convention Sketch

Eduardo "Ed" Barreto
1992 DC Comics American Secrets House Ad

Al Barrionuevo
2006 Classic Draped Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch
2008 "Para Fran" Head Sketch

David Michael Beck
J'Onn J'Onnz, Martian Manhunter

Brian Bolland
1982 London Editions Magazines Superman Official Annual 1983
1989 Animal Man #9 Original Cover Art

Who's Who Update '88 Vol.3: Queen Bee

Nick Bradshaw
2007 Justice League of America Babies at the hangout by Nick Bradshaw

Craig Brasfield
1991 Who's Who in the DC Universe #7: Felix Faust

John Byrne
1986 DC Comics Legends Promotional Ad

Eric Canete
2006 Justice League Unlimited Warm-Up Sketches

Steve Carr & Joe Rubinstein
2008 "Celestial Domes" Martian Manhunter and Moondragon Commission Piece

Leno Carvalho
2008 Ms. Martian Manhunter vs. Her Adam Warlock

John Cassaday
1999 Secret Origins featuring JLA TP Cover Art

Craig Cermak
2007 One Year Later Martian Manhunter

Mario Chavez
2009 Color Art Commission

Gene Colan
January 1986 Who's Who Vol.XI: Jemm

Simon Coleby
1997 JLA Gallery Pin-Up

Darwin Cooke

Dennis Culver
2008 "Team Green"

Carlos D'Anda
2010 Fringe alternate universe mock Justice League #1 cover by D'Anda, Kirby & Berry

Dan Davis
2006 Gem City Con Sketch

John Delaney
1997 JLA Gallery: Justice League of America vs. Professor Ivo & Amazo
1998 Wizard Magazine JLA Animated Holiday Mini-Poster

Ryan Dunlavey
2008 Martian Manhunter Sketch Card

Nick Edwards
2010 Martian Manhunter

Tommy Lee Edwards
1997 JLA Gallery

Ulises Farinas
2009 “Rise” Lego-Style Blackest Night Art

Mitch Foust
Female Versions of Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter

Brendon & Brian Fraim
2009 "Martian Manhunter!" Sketch Card by Brendon & Brian Fraim
2010 Martian Manhunter 2 Sketch Card

Curt Franklin
2008 "Martian Manhunter Riding A Unicorn"

TJ Frias
2010 DC3: Brightest Day

Chris Giarrusso
2005 Convention Sketch

Patrick "Pat" Gleason
2002 Green Arrow "Ollie's Stupendous Chili Recipe (Just Like Mom used to make!)" Pin-Up
2011 Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch

Chris Haley
2008 "Martian Manhunter Riding A Unicorn"

Craig Hamilton
1997 JLA Gallery Justice League of America vs. Starro Pin-Up

Dean Haspiel
2004 Convention Head Sketch

Rob Haynes
2005 Martian Manhunter Color Art

Fred Hembeck
1981 The Comic Reader #197 Back Cover
2011 Fred Hembeck Sketch Card: J'onn J'onzz and The Hulk 1 of 1

Phil Hester
2007 Wizard World Texas Convention Sketch
2008 Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch

Don Hillsman II
2010 Despero versus the Justice League Personal Sketch Card

Tom Hodges
2007 Martian Manhunter Sketch

Tan Eng Huat
2009 JLA Commission

Terry Huddleston
2011 Martian ManHunter

Adam Hughes
1991 Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch
2003 Convention Sketch (w/James Lyle)

Jamal Igle
2005 Head Sketch
2006 Sketch
2010 CBLDF Head Sketch
2010 Head Sketch

Daniel Irizarri
2010 "Heroes In Need" Martian Manhunter

Mark Irwin
2000 Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch

Ryan Jenkyns
2010 The Martian Manhunter

Phil Jimenez
riot Magazine #0 JLA cover

The Reverend Dave Johnson
2012 Martian Manhunter Comicpalooza Commission

J.G. Jones
Final Crisis: Requiem #1 J.G. Jones Cover

Dan Jurgens
1993 Skybox DC Cosmic Teams Card #43: Bloodwynd
1993 Who's Who in the DC Universe Update #2 Bloodwynd Profile (1/93)

John Kerschbaum
2001 "Bizarro X-Ray Two"

Juvaun "J.J." Kirby
2005 Flying Pin-Up
2010 Fringe alternate universe mock Justice League #1 cover by D'Anda, Kirby & Berry

Jun Bob Kim
2009 Power Girl & Martian Manhunter commission

Greg LaRocque
1995 Convention Sketch

Jae Lee
2006 JLA Charity Commission

Jeff Lemire
Justice League of America Pin-Up
2005 Justice League of America vs. Starro Pin-Up
2007 Justice League Print by Jeff Lemire

Tim Levins
2004 Toronto ComiCon Booklet Cover

James Lyle
2003 Convention Sketch

Kevin Maguire

Doug Mahnke
Final Crisis: Requiem #1 Doug Mahnke Cover

David Malki!
2010 Marco Xavier Mediocre Convention Sketch

Tom Mandrake

John McCrea
2004 Convention Sketch

Luke McDonnell
1986 DC Wall Calender House Ad

Mike McKone
Martian Manhunter Style Guide/Turnaround
1997 JLA Gallery vs. Xotar Pin-Up

Jon McNally
2010 All-Ages All-Stars: Martian Manhunter art

Linda Medley
1988 Action Comics #600 Pin-Up

Gavin Michelli
2007 Martian Manhunter

Al Milgrom
August 1978 The Comic Reader Number 159 cover

Mike Mignola
1987 Convention Sketch

2006 Gir and Martian Manhunter

Sheldon "Shelly" Moldoff
1999 Justice League battle scene

Christopher Moeller
1998 DC Direct Martian Manhunter Poster
1998 Unused Martian Manhunter Cover Art by Christopher Moeller

Gilbert Monsanto
2010 "DC Ultra Spread C"

Lane Montoya
2012 Princess Cha'rissa Comicpalooza Commission

John Mundt, Esquire
2001 Martian Manhunter Sketch
2001 "The Members of the Justice League of America" Sketch

Ajay Naran
2010 "Manhunter"

Mike Nasser/ Michael Netzer

Oliver Nome
2006 One Year Later Martian Manhunter
2010 Baby Martian Manhunter by Oliver Nome

Irv Novick
1986 Professor Ivo (Who's Who Vol.XVIII)

Eddie Nunez
2010 Martian Manhunter

Glen Orbik
2000 Justice League of America Plate

Rhiannon Owens
2006 "The JLA" painting
2008 Justice League of America painting by Rhiannon Owens
2008 "The Original Seven" painting

Kristin Palach
2008 "Superhero Rock Band"

Bruce Patterson
1990 "Justice League America vs Lobo" Color Commission

Chuck Patton
1984 DC Sampler #2 New (Detroit) Justice League of America Preview Pin-Up (with Tom Mandrake)

George Pérez

Joe Phillips
1994 Skybox Superman: Man of Steel Platinum Series Card #40

Robert Pope
2004 Toyfare Magazine #90 JLU-style Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 homage

Howard Porter
Howard Porter Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch
1996 JLA Howard Porter/John Dell Promotional Piece
1997 Fleer/Skybox Justice League Overpower 6 Value Any-Power Card
1997 Fleer/Skybox JLA Overpower Universe Ally "Zauriel" Card

Joe Prado
2010 Martian Manhunter Brightest Day Character Design

Brian Quinn
2006 Convention Sketch

Humberto Ramos
2005 Head Sketch

Chris Renaud
DC Outburst: Firepower, card #04 (1996)
DC Outburst: Firepower, card #75 (1996)
1997 Fleer/Skybox JLA Overpower Tactic Double Shot Card

Paul Rivoche
2004 JLA-Z #3 Martian Manhunter Pin-Up

Alex Ross

Craig Rousseau
2003 Head Sketch

Paul Ryan
Convention Head Sketch

Chris Samnee
2007 "10 Minute Sketch: Martian Manhunter"
2010 "Minimalist JLA"

Evan “Doc” Shaner
2008 Martian Manhunter Sketch Card

Paul Smith
2007 The Justice League of America Commission

Ryan Sook
2007 Unpublished Batman and the Outsiders Promo Page
2010 Martian Manhunter Brightest Day Variant Cover

Cat Staggs
2006 Upper Deck VS System World's Finest Game Card DWF-101 "Technocrat, Geoffrey Barron" Card
2007 Rittenhouse Archives DC Legacy Martian Manhunter Multi-Case Incentive Sketch Card

Jim Starlin
1986 Who's Who Vol.XVI: Mongul
2007 Convention Sketch

Arne Starr
Martian Manhunter by Arne Starr

Joe Staton
1978 "The DC Explosion!" Ad

Brian Stelfreeze
Undated Convention Sketch
1997 Convention Sketch

Marcio Takara
2008 "The League: Past & Present"
2009 "50 Tiny Characters"

Philip Tan
2005 JLA Portfolio Sample

Tommy Tejeda
Tommy Tejeda Martian Manhunter Art Gallery
2001 Justice League Animated Art by Tommy Tejeda
2001 Justice League Team Silhouette Design

Ty Templeton
1990 Who's Who in the DC Universe #2: Maxwell Lord Profile Detail

Mark Texeira
2006 Justice League of America Painting

Koi Turnbull
2007 Unpublished Batman & The Outsiders #1 Cover

Tom Valente
2007 Watercolor Painting
2007 "ICE COLD MILK and AN OREO COOKIE" sketch
2009 "LATE NIGHT SNACK..." color art
2009 Rittenhouse Justice League of America Archives Sketch Cards

Ethan Van Sciver
2009 Black Lantern Martian Manhunter
2009 Black Lantern Martian Manhunter Blackest Night Teaser Ad
2010 Zook Convention Piece by Ethan Van Sciver

Sal Velluto
1993 Justice League Task Force Official Membership Card
2010 Wonder Woman & Martian Manhunter Commission

John Watson
2005 VS Trading Card Original Painted Art

J.H. Williams III
December 1998 Legends of the DC Universe 3-D Gallery #1: Chase

Bill Willingham
2003 Convention Piece

Pete Woods
2011 Batman vs the Martian Manhunter

Thom Zahler
2012 Roh Kar Comicpalooza Commission

Daniel Zezlj
1997 JLA Gallery

1986 DC Comics Subscription Ad
1990 The Atlas of the DC Universe: Middleton, Colorado
1996 Martian Manhunter Special #1 Bloodwynd Pin-Up
1997 Dollar General Total Justice Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book
Martian Manhunter Kids' WB Online Graphic
Justice League Unlimited Comic Book House Ad
2010 Young Justice Animated Series Promo Art

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